Thursday, July 23, 2009

How do you reduce leg hair??

I got very curly leg hair. One hair is facing left side and the one right next to it goes completely the opposite direction. That is all over my leg. How can I make my leg hair straight. Also, how can i make my hair thinner and lighter. Are there any products that can do that??? My leg hair is really and i mean really thick.

How do you reduce leg hair??

well you might consider waxing.

if you dont wax...then use sally hansen bleaching creams. Your leg hair will go blond, but please consider waxing...if you're a girl

How do you reduce leg hair??

They have lotions that are supposed to reduce hair growth, but the hair still grows back, just more "slowly" at least, that's what these companies claim. I have very thick leg hair and it grows back like a five o'clock shadow. I've tried shaving, I've tried veet and nair, and I've tried those hair reducing creams. so far, the best thing i've found is an epilator, it rips the hairs out by the root and they don't grow back for nearly two weeks. I don't know if they sell them in the US, I bought mine in France.

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